Monday, April 18, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Interactive Science Lesson for Teaching Isotopes”

by Lab In Every Lesson
6th - 12th Grade

There's really no way to know the extent to which you and your students will experience the interactivity and convenience of my Learning Experiences and digital notebooks until you try them.

In my opinion, the most interactive lesson (and perhaps my most favorite all year!) is this Isotopes lesson -- I'm happy to share it with you!

Enjoy this free Isotopes PowerPoint Lesson for in-class or virtual delivery. The companion Digital Interactive Notebook is also free!



In this interactive science lesson, students will learn about isotopes so they can:

  • talk like a scientist!
  • recognize the difference between mass number, exact atomic mass, and average atomic mass.
  • explain radioactivity.

Both you and your students will know they are successful when they can:

  • define terms on the Word Wall.
  • determine the composition of the nucleus for various isotopes.
  • name isotopes using their mass number.
  • explain how mass number is different from exact atomic mass.

The following components are included in this interactive science lesson to support student-centered learning:

  • a “Review & Preview” activity to activate and assess prior knowledge.
  • a "Word Wall" which showcases vocabulary that is central to the lesson content.
  • analytical reading or writing components to promote scientific literacy.
  • at least one independent or small group learning experience which allows (1) students to create artifacts as evidence of their learning and (2) teachers to review main ideas with the whole group.
  • data-dependent analysis of the learning experience outcomes.
  • detailed answer keys for the outlined activities.
  • formative assessment of mastery.

This interactive science lesson is designed for use on a smart whiteboard, for delivery in an online meeting space or as an upload to web sharing applications like Google Slides, Nearpod, edPuzzle, etc.

Coordinating Products:

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Though it could certainly be used independently, this lesson was prepared as part of a complete chemistry curriculum for student centered learning. You might find the following resources useful as you prepare to test this lesson in your classroom:

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