Thursday, May 5, 2022

Essential Strategies That Bring Math Success to English Learners

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Math and English Language Learners.  Across the country that is a sad combination for Math success.  English Learners are learning English and the language of Math!  What to do?  Here are essential math strategies that every ELL deserves in Math class!  The best news is that they are not difficult for a teacher to offer and they make a huge difference in Math comprehension!

Essential strategies to use with your ELLs during Math Instruction

Oral production strategies

  • Encourage daily interaction of ELLs using Vocabulary Word Banks
  • Have students use sentence frames with questions and responses.  Make sure to offer sentence frames at different language levels
  • Have students respond to questions by gesturing or drawing out the answer
  • Use sentence frames and sentence starters for student oral responses

Listening comprehension

  • Wait time
  • Use manipulatives to show understanding
  • Check for understanding with nonverbal student responses
  • Read word problems slowly.  Reread several times.

Reading strategies

  • Provide manipulatives so students can show what they know.
  • Use Math vocabulary word walls categorized by Math operations

  • Buddy-up.  Pair ELLs with another student to help them read and teach the skill of the day

Writing Strategies

  • Offer several different sentence frames students can use to write their answers depending on their language level.  Make sure your Math vocabulary word wall will offer the words they will need to complete their writing
  • Make sure ELLs can draw part of their written answers to express what they know
  • Model the steps of a problem.  Have the student replicate the steps for you so they have a visual to use later on

Excell at teaching Math to ELLs by doing the following: 

  • Use teacher think-alouds while using a visual
  • Create, present and review Vocabulary Word Banks
  • Modify teacher's oral instruction
  • Use different questions and responses with students depending on their language level
  • Ask questions that a student can answer by gesturing or drawing out the answer
  • Use sentence frames and sentence starters for student oral responses

Include these Math essentials for English Language learners in your lessons and watch ELLs SOAR!


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