Sunday, May 15, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free EASEL Rhymes, Rhyming Words Activity and Assessment Digital”

by Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten

Use this FREE interactive & fun digital Easel activity and assessment to practice and evaluate rhymes, rhyming words. They will help your students recognize and produce rhyming words (CCSS: RF.K.2a) in an engaging way!

This resource includes an Easel activity as well as an Easel assessment.

The Easel activity can be used for warm-up and practice. The fun spring theme and the interactive digital tools excite and engage students!

The activity uses audio (directions & names of each picture) and movable pieces to give students practice finding and matching rhyming words. They love making the rhyming rainbows!

The self-checking Easel assessment with audio allows you to evaluate your students' knowledge of rhyming words in an engaging way! Students listen to the audio and look at the rainbow picture, then choose the correct rhyming word. They are immediately shown whether their answer is correct. If their answer is incorrect, they see both the correct answer and their incorrect answer. If you would rather not have the assessment be self-checking, you can turn off the self-checking feature in the Settings.

You have access to student data (individual & whole class reports) for the assessments and can also view students' work for the activities and respond with feedback.

Use the assessment for pre-tests, post-tests, or to re-evaluate after re-teaching the concept. You can choose the Shuffle Answers and/or Shuffle Questions settings to "change it up" prior to assigning it to students again.

The audio files for each picture prevent any misunderstandings of the picture names and allow students to work independently.

You receive the following:

  • Rainbow Rhymes Activity 15 slides
  • Answer Key for Rainbow Rhymes Activity, Teacher Instructions
  • Rhymes, Rhyming Words Assessment - 15 slides

Common Core Standards:


Recognize and produce rhyming words.

What is EASEL?

EASEL is a new, FREE digital platform provided by Teachers Pay Teachers that can be used to teach, engage, and assess your students on any device.

You access the platform through your TPT account. You can assign activities and assessments as well as review them all on one platform.

You can assign both the activities and assessments using Google Classroom or a link that can be used in your learning management system or in a direct email to your students.

Students play the activities and complete the assessments on the EASEL platform.

You can view turned-in activities and leave feedback for your students.

You can access student data (individual and whole class reports) from assessments.

EASEL activities and assessments are NOT PRINTABLE.

EASEL can be used for large group teaching, small groups, centers, and virtual learning!

You will need an internet connection.

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