Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Slay that Dragon - FREE Character Education Bulletin Board Discussion Starters

 by All-American Teacher Tools

Do you have a dragon in your room? One that causes children to be disrespectful, angry students? This collection of 36 discussion starters helps children learn, week by week, about many social and moral dilemmas they face every day. Some examples include:

- Bullying

- Cheating

- Lying

- Sportsmanship

- Trust

- Group relationships

- Welcoming a new student

- Violence

- Overuse of technology

- Etc., etc. etc.

Full instructions are provided to help you implement this valuable weekly plan to generate discussion about character education.  For all grades!

It uses a dragon theme: "Keep the Dragons Out of Our Classroom" to help children understand that wrong behavior can be very dangerous.

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