Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wednesday Weekly 5 under $5 - May 18, 2022


Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

In addition, if you're a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) who would like to get more information about joining TBOTEMC, contact me via email at or by simply leaving a comment on this blog post.

How to: Problem-Solving Skills BOOM Cards™ for Grades 9-12, SPED, Homeschool - $3.00

By History at Home
9th - 12th grades
Career and Technical Education, Life Skills

This Boom™ Deck is designed for high school students to learn problem-solving skills. These 24, no-prep task cards work great for any high school student and are perfect for use in SPED classes and for teaching functional life skills. They cover: how to identify a problem, how to brainstorm a solution, how to implement a solution, & how to evaluate &/or adjust the solution.

Short Vowel Clusters: Vowel Tutor Level 1 - $2.49

by Reading Spotlight
1st - 2nd grades

Simple, clear, short, and effective, this set provides great instruction/extra practice in short vowels for beginning or struggling readers. The repeated format within each cluster lesson encourages natural remembering of the words. The backbone of 30 years of success with struggling readers, Vowel Tutor is the main component of Reading Spotlight's Reading Tutor series. Vowel Tutor Levels 2 and 3 are also available. Perfect for summer tutoring by teachers or parents.

by Urbino12
3rd - 7th grades
Homework, projects

A project designed for the students to explore the seasons and weather in French.
Students will create their own weather flipbook demonstrating knowledge of previously learned weather and seasons vocabulary. Resource includes directions for creating the flipbook and a grading rubric.

Create Your Own Fathers Day Cards - $3.50

by Primarily Learning
K- 2nd grades
Activities, Fun Stuff, Literacy Center Ideas

Happy Father’s Day! Are you looking for cards that students can create for the father-figure, or dad, in their life? Talk about why we celebrate our Dads. Your kids will enjoy creating their own cards at the writing center with one of these 10 open-ended Father's Day Cards. 

Camping Bears Toasting Marshmallows CVC Words BOOM Cards™ - $3,00

by Kamp Kindergarten
K - 1st grades 
Fun Stuff, Literacy Center Ideas

In this Camping Bears themed phonics deck your little learners select the correct CVC Word on the marshmallows for the picture given. All of the answer choices on each card begin with the same letter so learners don't automatically know the correct answer after looking at the first letter. This deck works well for Classroom Campout Day, and bears or camping themes, or may be used at any time during the year. It is great for learning stations, technology specials classes, extra practice, RTI, and assessment.

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