Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - Call of the Wild - Vocabulary Words with Sentences from Novel

by Mark Welch
7th - 9th Grade
This is a list of 351 vocabulary words from Jack London's novel, The Call of the Wild. Each vocabulary word is shown together with the sentence from the novel in which the word is first used. 
The list is intended as a "starting point" for teachers seeking to extract a meaningful collection of vocabulary words. Obviously, you won't assign all 351 of these words, but instead you'll select words to fit a particular strategy or theme. For example, you might choose words that are related to a theme such as "transformation" or "animal" or "hostility/combat," or you might choose words that illustrate how words can be modified with affixes, or you might choose words which have "an unusual meaning" or "multiple meanings." Theme-related tags appear in brown. (When I taught the novel, I started by calling students' attention to the word "booming," near the start of the first chapter, and elicited their participation to identify multiple relevant meanings.)

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