Sunday, July 31, 2011

FREE MISC. LESSON - Color Flashcards Extended Version!

by La Profesora Frida
1st - 12th Grade
This is an UPDATED version of "Color Flashcards" that I posted, which is also a free product. The other version was downloaded more than 915 times, so I wanted to provide you with an extended version with 14 updated pages of questions! FREE! :D
I know how hard it is to think of questions to ask on the spot when I want to practice colors with my students. It's so nice to have a list of questions in front of me to refer to so that I don't waste time trying to think of some good questions to ask! I added on to the previous free version of this product and included questions about world flags and used some clip art about Spain as references for writing practice.
Enjoy! :)
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