Thursday, July 7, 2011

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - Plate Tectonics, Plate Boundaries Vocabulary, & Flash Demos Powerpoint

by The Science Vault
7th - 10th Grade
New and Improved! This is a 20 slide powerpoint - 11 slides covering Pangaea, continental drift, and plate tectonics; the focus is on plate boundary interactions and the geological features created at each. Don’t let the short size fool you: there are 10 links on the slides that link to flash animations that will give your students great visuals for the different boundaries. At the end of the powerpoint, there are seven slides with review questions.
Do you find your students turn off their brain and just copy when you use powerpoints? I've found the best way to combat this phenomena is to have the main ideas come in one at a time. For that reason, you will find that my slides have simple, quick powerpoint "actions" so that each big idea comes up when you want it to, with a simple mouse click or tap on your interactive white board. None of the actions are over-powering or distracting so your lesson presents itself in a way that students will focus on the content.

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