Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fuel Vocabulary Study Fires with Word Clouds

 Fuel Vocabulary Study Fires with Word Clouds
by Connie
Grades 9-12

Change vocabulary study from lackluster to luminous with Word Clouds.
This product includes
  • 480 words
  • 32 SAT vocabulary-inspired designs
  • 30 writing activities will increase the students’ understanding of these 480 words,will increase their ability to use them correctly, and will make these words a part of their lives.
·         Teachers can choose an exercise to focus on a needed area of comprehension
  •  to accompany a literature-based writing assignment
  •  to accompany a general writing assignment, or
  •  to utilize during a study of the parts of speech.
·         Each Word Cloud corresponds to the Vocabulary SAT Word Lists and Quizzes product

Word Cloud #32
 Word Cloud #19

Galvanize students’ love of words, words, words  with Word Clouds.

Happy Teaching,

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