Monday, February 24, 2014

Language Arts Activity - "Literature Task Cards"

Literature Task Cards

by: Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Literature Task Cards
This product offers teachers a set of Elements of Literature Task Cards when they want their students to
  • reinforce, 
  • review and 
  • develop their understanding of a text, and to 
  • work on expanding their comprehension/higher thinking skills and /or writing aptitudes.

The elements of literature: Plot/ConflictCharacterSettingThemeSymbolsTone and Point of View as well as a set titled, My Insights, are each represented by six color-coded task cards that reveal questions for students to explore their comprehension of the text. The points that they address cover:
  • Understanding/ Remembering 
  • applying knowledge 
  • analyzing ideas 
  • evaluating situations
  • characters' actions, and 
  • composing original pieces based on the text.
 Literature Task Cards-Setting
 Literature Task Cards-Tone

 Literature Task Cards-Point of View
Literature Task Cards-Character

These cards are beneficial for individual, small group or whole class study

and discussion, for in-class writing and for homework. 

Inspire your students to build powerful academic homes with these 48 Language Arts Literature Task Cards.

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