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LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - "Comprehension Check: The Ten Sentence Format"

 The Ten Sentence Format
by Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Comprehension Check: The Ten Sentence Format
Should educators tweet, "Good Bye" to proper paragraph writing?     Yes    No  X
Are these backbones of formal and informal writing becoming an endangered specie?   Yes X  No 
Do students need to reinforce their basic understanding of the elements of a good paragraph in order to write and develop more in-depth essays?    Yes X  No
Do students need to learn how to write about the literature that they are reading?  Yes X No
This Ten Sentence Format is perfect for clarifying and reinforcing the parts of a paragraph - the foundation of any essay.  The adaptive and elastic qualities of this handout put it at the top of the Beneficial Scale. Teachers can use it as an announced or unannounced quiz when they wish to check reading and writing comprehension, for general writing practice, for short answer questions on unit tests, for warm-ups, for grammar or vocabulary studies, and for any time teachers wish to check reading comprehension and/or writing skills.

It reviews and reinforces the basic structure of a paragraph: Introduction (Hook, Overview, Thesis Statement), Body (Main Idea, Supporting Details), and Conclusion (Concluding Statement, Final Thought). I call the Final Thought a kicker, as the last statement should end with a bang and not a whimper.

This product forms a part of the Writing Module in my book, The House of Comprehension. I offer it for FREE on TpT so teachers can see the quality of the material in this teacher program. Teachers will find 40 more activities like this that will enable them to empower their students to build durable academic homes.
Comprehension Check: The Ten Sentence Format
Once students master this concept, they can easily be shown how the Main Idea paragraphs can be detailed and developed into more paragraphs to create a well-developed essay. The Teacher Notes page explains the What, Where, When, Why and How teachers can make the Ten Sentence Format an integral part of their repertoire.

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