Sunday, August 28, 2022

Counting Money Task Cards U.S. up to $10.00 | TPT Featured | Digital and Print

What educators are saying

"My students always seem to struggle with money in math, so this resource was a great way for them to review and practice! Would recommend!"

Ready to help your students review counting money?  A lot of students find counting money boring and tedious. This can lead to them not practicing this skill as much as they should, which can lead to frustration. These low prep counting money task cards are a fun way for students to review counting money up to $10.00. The cards are colorful and engaging, and best of all, they help students practice money counting in an engaging way that doesn't feel like work.

Maybe you need both printable and digital options to reach all your students. The same 24 counting money task cards are also included in a digital version! There are answer keys for easy grading. With this purchase, you will have access to both a printable and digital versions. 


  • 24 Money Counting Task Cards 
  • Ink Saving Black and White Version
  • Color Version
  • 24 Digital Task Cards Utilizing Easel Activities
  • Recording Sheets
  • Answer Keys

These counting money task cards are the perfect solution to jazz up your math block! These fun and engaging cards will help your students review counting money while having a blast. This resource would work for 1st- 3rd grade, or older students who could use some review or younger students who need a challenge!


  • early finishers
  • tutoring
  • sub tubs
  • math stations/centers
  • holiday work
  • small group
  • end of unit quick assessments
  • homework
  • reinforcement
  • enrichment
  • distance learning
  • hybrid classrooms
  • homeschooling


To access the counting money task cards digital file using the Easel Activities tool you simply click on red button "Use as buyer" to access your digital resource.

The Easel Activities tool allows you to assign activities directly to your students using Google Classroom. Once the student accesses the link through Google Classroom, they will complete, turn in, and receive your feedback on the TpT platform.


✎"This is a great resource as a warm up or review of previous information. The students love moving around the room and are talking with one another as they are counting." Ashley L.

✎ "These cards were a favorite with my students. I was so pleased with their independence and their desire to finish them all!" Donna L.

✎"These are great! I don't have alot of resources for teaching money and these will come in handy for the students that do not know how to count money yet in 3rd grade." Joanne S.

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