Thursday, August 11, 2022

ESL Songs and Chants

 ELL Songs and Chants

Hi everyone,

I love using songs and chants during my lessons.

Much of the input students receive during ELD is visual.  Songs and Chants offer another venue for students to learn the lesson objective through music and rhythm.

As an ANTICIPATORY SET, songs and chants hook the students.  They can set the stage for your lesson and emphasize your language objectives.

Songs and Chants provide the ENGAGEMENT AND MOTIVATION all within the context of learning.  Songs and Chants give meaning to students and they relax as they sing and play.

Songs and Chants can trigger emotions and lower AFFECTIVE FILTERS.  Students socialize through Songs/Chants.  They can listen to themselves sing, and practice the reproduction of English songs while enjoying the rhythm.  Finally, Songs and Chants help second language learners express their feelings.

Songs and Chants can be a perfect addition to any lesson!
Have fun!

Happy Teaching! Lori

ESL & ELD Songs and Chants Volume I SING IT LOUD! SING IT CLEAR!  This 51-page collection of ELD and ESL songs and black lines are perfect for every classroom with second language learners. Open every lesson with a song or chant from this rich collection of ELD based lyrics and watch your students' fluency grow. Volume I includes 22 songs/ chants, lesson ideas and activities that will raise the oral academic language of your students to new heights. The songs and chants are sung to familiar popular songs or the lyrics are used in call backs or chant style tunes. These lyrics provide a compelling way to begin your ELD lesson while targeting complex English Structures. You and your students will enjoy these engaging and memorable lyrics.  Songs and Chants for: Possessive Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns Present Tense Questions Regular Past Tense Verbs Past Tense Questions Present Perfect Prepositions  Language levels included: Beginning Intermediate Advanced

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