Monday, August 22, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Graphing and Data Analysis: A Scientific Method Activity | Distance Learning”

by Amy Brown Science
9th - 11th Grade

Free Graphing Practice Problem Worksheet. Our science students can never get enough practice on graphing skills and data analysis! I'm talking about the old-fashioned type of "pen and paper" graphing practice that students need in order to understand the relationship between independent and dependent variables. I want my students to be able to make a graph without using a graphing calculator or a computer! This free graphing activity (includes both printable and digital versions) provides needed practice, but also comes with a set of data analysis questions to ensure students can draw conclusions and answer critical thinking questions.

This resource includes:

  • Editable and Printable 2-Page Student Handout
  • Paperless Digital Version for use in Google Drive, Google Classroom, and/or Microsoft OneDrive. (Students will use drag and drop elements and a series of text boxes to construct their graph. The graph is constructed by the students, and is not electronically produced.)
  • Teacher Answer Key

This resource is perfect for distance learning and for students in 1:1 classrooms.

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This is perfect for a short homework assignment or classwork. This can also be left in your sub folder to be used in your absence.

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