Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An End of the Year Creative Writing Project for Grades 3-6

Looking for an awesome critical thinking and fun writing activity to do 

with students?

 How about a Time Capsule? It works especially well as an end of the 

year project!

Teachers love it because it's meaningful and students love it because 

it's a creative project that's all about them!

Time Capsule is a container storing a selection of chosen objects representing what’s typical of daily life in the present time. It’s usually buried or locked up for discovery in the future. 

First step is to read about two famous time capsules and then do the “What is a Time Capsule Activity?” to get students thinking or brainstorming about what they would add to their own Time Capsule. 

After learning about two famous Time Capsules, tell students that they are going to create their very own personal Time Capsule to lock up and discover in the future. There are five parts of the Time Capsule that they will complete during class. Part six is collecting photos or small objects to place into their Time Capsule.

Part One: Introducing Me!
Part Two: In My World
Part Three: The People in My Life
Part Four: My Favorite Things
Part Five: A Look Into The Future
Part Six: A Secret Stash

Happy Teaching!

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