Thursday, May 14, 2015

End of the Year Awesome Inventions Research Project

Why not end the school year off in a fun, innovative, and creative unit on Awesome 

Inventions That Changed Our World. It's been recently updated, revised, and improved with everything you need for the entire inventions unit.

Highlights Include:
Famous Inventions Mini-books
Three Articles about Cool Kid Inventors
Vocabulary Flip-Flap Book & Posters
Engaging Student Activities
Invention Research Organizer & PowerPoint Outline
Teacher’s Scoring Guide

First, read the mini-book about famous inventions. There’s one for younger students and one with real life photos for older students. 
Then read three articles about cool kid inventors and do the inventions activities to pique student interest. 
Use the vocabulary flip-flap book in their notebooks. 
Have students choose their invention to research and begin the research phase. 
Complete the ”Awesome Inventions Organizer” by researching my assigned invention using a variety of resources including online encyclopedias, nonfiction books, history textbooks, biographies, educational videos and websites.
Present your PowerPoint and the model of your invention to the class.

Research Skills
Presentation Skills

Unit Objectives:
• Students will research an invention that changed our world.
• Students will learn how these inventions impacted and benefited our society and world.
• Students will learn about a variety of inventions through different genres of texts including nonfiction, informational, online encyclopedias, biographies, realistic fiction, educational videos and websites.
• Students will complete a timeline showing how their invention changed over time.
• Students will use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast their assigned invention from the beginning to now.
• Students will show on a map where the original invention was created and by whom.
• Students will create a visual aid to use for their presentation to the class

Here's a Sneak Peak of what's Inside This 48 Page Innovative Unit:

Happy Inventing!

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