Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer! ~Writing Prompts to End the School Year

Are your kids ready for summer?  Are you looking for fun, interesting, and engaging writing activities to keep them writing until the end of the school year?  Try my resource: Summer! Writing Prompts to End the School Year.
Writing prompts include:

*This summer I want to ... (list of 10)
*This summer I can't wait to play soccer!
*This summer when I go to the beach I will...
*My mom is magnificent because...
MOM Acrostic poem
*My Dad is my hero because... (2 versions)
*Write about a goal you achieved in school this year in school.
*If I had a skateboard I would...
*I learned so much this year. Some of my favorite things we did are:
*It was the perfect day for building a sandcastle.
*Just me and my skateboard (girl and boy version)
*Bye mom! I'm going outside to play soccer! (girl and boy version)
*On Memorial Day I will...
*A day to remember...
*MEMORIAL DAY Acrostic (3 versions)
*Swimming, Swimming, in the swimming pool (boy and girl versions)
*Describe your favorite ice cream flavors and why they are your favorite
*Ocean or pool? (girl and boy version)

Here's a preview!

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Happy Writing!

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