Saturday, May 23, 2015

{Interactive Notebook} Memory Book

{Interactive Notebook} Memory Book includes 37 pages.This packet has been designed as an interactive notebook so that the students can create their own memory books.It is perfect for 1st grade and 2nd grade.
This packet includes the following:
1. Table of content(1)
2. Table of Content(2)
3. Directions
4. Memory book cover
5. Blank table of content(1)
6. Blank table of content(2)
7. About me
8. My first Day of school
9. My teacher’s name 
10. My class
11. My best friend is
12. In the fall, in math I learned
13. In the fall, in science I learned
14. In the fall, in literacy learned
15. We celebrated Halloween with
16. We celebrated Thanksgiving .My best memory is
17. In the winter, in math I learned
18. In the winter, in science I learned
19. In the winter, in literacy learned 
20. Christmas tree in my school
21. We celebrated valentine’s day with
22. We celebrated St. Patrick’s day with
23. In the spring ,in math I learned 
24. In the spring, in science learned
25. In the spring, in literacy I learned 
26. My best Easter memory is
27. We celebrated Mother’s day with
28. My favorite trip
29. Write a good thing about your four friends
30. My Favorites in school
31. When I grow up I want to be
32. Letter to my teacher
33. My graduation picture
34. My summer plan 
35. End of year
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