Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vowels: Long Versus Short Summer Version


I finally uploaded a new product I've been working on for awhile.  Actually, it's not new.  It's just the current season's version of one of my best sellers.  It's a summer version of my long vs. short vowel word sorts and flap books.

Discriminating between long and short vowels is such a critical skill for first and second graders.  These word sorts and flap books give them valuable practice doing just that!  Take a peek…

Here's an example of what the words pages look like.  There are 2 short vowel families and 2 long vowel families per sort.

If your kiddos need to start with less words, try my word sorts bundle where there are sorts with 2 vowel patterns and 4 vowel patterns.

Now they need somewhere to sort and glue their words…
Here's an example of what a sort and glue sheet looks like.  Each vowel family is listed to help them.  For late year second graders you could white-out the labels and have them label the columns.  Tricky, eh?

This bundle also has flap books for the vowel patterns.  Some are for discriminating between long and short sounds…

Others are for discriminating between certain vowel patterns.

The words for flap books come 2 sets to a page, so less copying for you!

You can grab this bundle in my TpT store for $8 by clicking here.  Don't forget to leave me some feedback!

Thank you!


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