Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FREE MATH LESSON - “Measurement: Weight: Balance Scales (recording sheets) FREEBIE”

by Sherry Clements
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

FREE: Measurement: Weight: Balance Scales (recording sheets) FREEBIE -- Please leave some feedback--Thanks!
I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE!

On the first page, there is a question about real life objects with each balance scale. Students are to decide the answer by drawing the pictures on each side of the scale to show which would be heavier or lighter. Then students circle the item that is heavier. 

On the second page, students should be given premade bags of items such as a paper clip, crayon, marker, glue stick, eraser, cotton ball, pencil, and rock. Any items can be used. Students are to choose two items from their bag to test on the balance scale. After testing the two items, they are to record their answers by drawing a picture on each side of the balance scale to show which was heavier or lighter. 

On the third page, students are given their premade bag of items. After testing the two items they choose and recording the answers by drawing the pictures, then students complete the sentence by writing the name of each item in the correct blank to record their findings. 

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