Sunday, September 20, 2015

Language Arts - "Spiders: Non-Fiction Booklet and Activities"

By Christina L
Grades 2-5

Here is a fun "non-scary" booklet to be used for Halloween or any other time when learning about spiders.

This product includes the following activities:
• 11 page booklet “Spiders” (see Table of Contents below)
• Spiders: K-W-L graphic organizer
• Spiders: Compare and Contrast graphic organizer
• Spiders: Vocabulary matching (1 with word bank, 1 without word bank) +   
  Answer Key
• Spiders: Matching + Answer Key
• Spiders: Close Reading 2 pages + Answer Key 

The Table of Contents for the booklet include the following:
• What is an Arachnid?
• What do Spiders Eat (and What Eats Spiders)?
• Spider Webs
• Black Widow Spiders
• Tarantulas
• Brown Recluse Spiders
• Wolf Spiders
• More Interesting Spider Facts
• Glossary

Directions for assembling booklet are included!

Thanks for looking! Christina

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