Monday, June 6, 2016

ESL - "ESL Activities: Picture Prompts and Task Cards for Speaking Practice"

By A Classroom for All Seasons
All Grades

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Need a fun way to get your ESL students speaking? Here are 20 engaging picture prompts (2 sizes) plus 20 task cards. The pictures and questions are appropriate for all ages. There are 2 levels of questions so you can use these task cards with various levels and throughout the year.

Suggested Uses:
• Conversation Practice: Students will work in pairs. One student will look at the picture as the other student asks the questions provided on the task card. I recommend having all students begin with Level 1 questions. This activity is a great way to start a class. 
Have the pictures and task cards on the desks as the students walk in the door.
• These picture prompts can also be used in a number of other ways. Students can practice sequencing words, cause and effect, journal writing, generating questions and assessment of oral language.

There are two levels of questions:
Level 1 questions include present tense, present progressive, simple past, yes/no questions, giving descriptions and "wh-" question words.

Level 2 questions include future tense, giving explanations, providing opinions, "why" questions, compare/contrast, "if", and "should".

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