Saturday, June 25, 2016

Comma Rules and Practice for Middle School and High School 

There are so many places to put commas that students often struggle with where commas go in a sentence. This lesson packet contain lots of activities to challenge students’ thinking and help them remember comma rules. These activities include opportunities to work in small groups, partners, and as individuals. Collaborative activities, learning stations, individual practice sheets, and a final test are included. This is an excellent teaching tool for grades 6-9 and a great review for grades 10-12. These activities are mainly student-centered. 

Included: 12 posters and 12 corresponding sheets for a classroom walk around activity to practice 12 comma rules, a study guide with all 12 rules explained, handouts for practicing each rule, several fun and challenging activity options, a task for holding students accountable for comma rules in their essays, 2 different tests (one multiple-choice and one fill in the commas), and all answer keys.

Use for teaching commas and reviewing commas. I used the first activity with my juniors right before the ACT, and they said it was helpful!

No matter how much kids say they know commas, I have found they still need practice!

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