Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Comma Review Games

Need Something Fun to Review Commas?

There are two game options included in this packet. The first is a whole-class indoor baseball game called “Let’s Play Ball.” Rest assured - no balls will be flying and no students will be running. This game works well for a class that plays games together without getting outside of appropriate noise levels. This game requires a Smart or Promethean Board or some type of digital presenter. If you have a more rambunctious class, you may want to try the small group option called “Mac Attack.” Both review games contain the same material on commas (75 sentences to correct) – just different delivery options depending on your preference and your classes. These games provide a refreshing twist for reviewing commas. Some of the sentences are interesting facts while others are less serious - a variety of sentences to hold students’ interest. Study guide and answer key are included.

Great activity for reviewing commas for middle school and high school!

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