Monday, June 27, 2016

Crucible Activities Bundle - Pre-Reading and Post-reading

I absoultely LOVE The Crucible by Arthur Miller! It is my favorite piece of literature to teach! Students love it too! That is why I have just included pre and post activities in this bundle. Once we start reading, my students don't want to stop until the end!

Pre-reading activities include:
1. A history video viewing guide that corresponds with Salem Witch Trials documentary from the History Channel along with a handout where students determine which information is true, false, or simply opinionated about the history of the Salem Witch Trials Answer keys included. 

2. Research task cards with topics pertaining to the history of the trials, and students research their particular topic, collaborate with others, and present findings to the class. It is important that students are familiar with the history of the trials before reading The Crucible play. 

Post-reading activities include: 
3. A character brainstoring game that acts as review for the play and scaffolding for an essay. This game requires students to move, think, collaborate, write, and evaluate. 

4. Instructions for how to write an expository essay, expository essay assignment, and rubric for grading. 

5. Crucibles in Life competition - links today's crucibles to those in Puritan times. Suggested answers included.

6. Creative conflict map requiring students to think thoroughly and analytically. Examples included. 

7. Primary historical documents exploration to complete an incident report where students go straight to the court documents of Salem. to look for charges, witnesses, and evidence. This is print and go ready with an instruction sheet for students and an incident report to complete.

8. Plot activity - students cut the events apart and put them in the correct acts in order of occurrence as review.

9. Visual literacy practice- students look at political cartoons from McCarthy era and determine their relevance to the Salem trials. An interactive discussion option is included.

10. A list of 6 of differentiated project choices with detailed instructions for each choice. 

These activities help students understand the events of the play while having fun, being creative, and thinking critically/analytically. Several of these are hands-on and require students to "think outside the box." There are so many activities to choose from that you won't have time for them all! You'll need to select those activites that fit your students' needs and abilities.

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