Saturday, October 26, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Response Process (Reading Skills) Assessment/Evaluation Grid”

by Versatile Teacher Toolkit ESL and ELA Resources
8th - 12th Grade

This response process assessment rubric should be used with reading comprehension and reinvestment of understanding evaluations/activities. This resource is a sample of my collection of assessment grids you may purchase here: Evaluation/Assessment Rubrics - Speaking, Reading, Writing/ESL Competencies.
The resource has been tested and, personally, it made grading much easier. However, in order to render this assessment grid practical and efficient, you should use it with evaluation worksheets/activities that cover the three elements of the reading response process or, at least, one of them:
Reading activities/tasks should cover the following phases:
1.Explore (e.g. understanding of main ideas, being able to summarize the content of the text, responding to guiding questions, text dependent questions, etc.)
2.Connect (e.g. personal response to the text, identifying links between ideas in the text and students’ personal experience – things they already know, read elsewhere, happened to them, the way they relate to the ideas, etc.)
3. Generalize (going beyond the text – e.g. expressing opinions based on what they have read, identifying important ideas in the text and explaining the way students will apply/use these ideas in their personal life, or the way these ideas relate to a current issue in today’s society, etc.)
Use the scoring rubric and staple it to students’ paper to record their score for each phase while grading.
UPDATED 2019: New design, slightly modified assessment grid.
I highly appreciate your feedback as it helps me to improve and to create better resources.
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