Thursday, October 17, 2019

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “Handy Thanksgiving Primary Source Documents”

6th - 12th Grade

History is generally understood most correctly by looking at the words of people actually involved at the time of any past events that are being studying. When documents, pictures etc were first made at the time of an event, they are called primary sources.

Some primary sources for history are famous, such as The Declaration of Independence The Emancipation Proclamation. Still others such as letters by people who came to North America aboard the Mayflower ship in 1621 can also be valuable primary source documents.

Many state standards and what is known as the Common Core have also called for teachers to teach students with some samples of primary source documents. Therefore this publication serves as a very handy compilation for that purpose and was done in Wordpad.

Some of the documents, especially letters, were made easier to read and understand for example by indenting some of the paragraphs or correcting some spellings.
Objectives etc of various U.S. states and school districts often include that teachers instruct about original or original and secondary sources. This product can be used for helping for that.

Teachers can use the material here in various possible ways. For example purchasers are free to further develop and or present any to all of it in formats such as as-is reading selections, such reading selections followed by thoughtful Why and How type questions, T-F activities/tests, fill-in activities/tests, multiple choice answering questions or tests, etc.

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