Wednesday, September 16, 2020

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Poetry Terms Quizzes: Figures of Speech, Figurative Language, Conventions”

by Flipping Words
9th - 11th Grade

Use this set of 3 FREE quizzes to quickly & easily test your students’ knowledge & recall of poetry terms, including figurative language, figures of speech, and poetic conventions.
Each quiz has 10 questions – so 30 questions altogether – & together they cover the following 25 poetry terms:
Figures of Speech
metaphor • simile • metonymy • synecdoche • antithesis • oxymoron • hyperbole • figure of speech
Figurative Language
imagery • allusion • catalogue • anaphora • antanaclasis • motif • euphemism
Poetic Conventions
free verse • blank verse • fixed verse • lyric poetry • dramatic poetry • quatrain • couplet • refrain • dropped line • enjambed line
These free quizzes are part of my larger Poetry Terms Quizzes resource that has 6 quizzes in all covering 53 terms, with print and digital versions.
In all:
• 3 QUIZZES with KEYS: 6 pages, 1 pdf file
• Teaching Notes: 1 page, 1 pdf file
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