Friday, September 4, 2020

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Wild About Animals Mini Research Pack - Common Core Research Pack”

by Kyp McLaren
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

What’s Included in This Packet:

Activities to do with the 2 different farm animals

“I can describe…” Map for each animal
“Have, Can, Are” Maps for each animal
Clipboard Page for each animal

How to use this research packet:

Begin by letting students choose an animal they want to
research. You could let students work in partners or groups, or each have their own animal.

Let students research their animal by reading books, magazines or newspapers (such as Scholastic, Time for Kids, etc.) about their creature. They could also search for information on the internet and/or by asking family members or friends.

After students have researched their creature you could begin with the “I can describe…” page and/or the “Can, Have, Are” map to make a quick list of things about their creature. These two pages will be helpful when the child begins to write their report about their creature. I would print these off and have available for all of your little researchers. (Just as a note, by this time of year my kindergarteners have had many experiences with these 2 types of maps and understand how to fill them in.)

The clipboard research page can be used for younger writers to share the information they gathered about their animal. I have also included a different format of research pages for older students.

My little guys are always very excited to share their research. You could let each student or group present their information to the class.

You might choose to collect all of their research reports and make a class book. If so, you will find a colored book cover for just this purpose included with this packet.

Have fun researching all of the different animals and helping your little people become researchers and scientists!

You can find my "Wild About Animals Research Packet" here:
Wild About Animals Common Core Research Pack

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