Saturday, June 28, 2014

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “FREE Seasons Cut & Paste”

by KB3Teach
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Students identify objects, holidays, weather and activities by season; cut and paste graphics into appropriate seasons box.

- Sorting Worksheet: (Cut & Paste) Includes rainbow, ice cream, robin, leaves, hat, scarf, pumpkin, skating, beach, cornucopia, snowman, sailing, flowers

- Graphic Organizer: (5 Senses) Students pick a season and *DRAW* what they like to feel, hear, smell, taste, and see during that season.

- B&W version (added 2/7/14)

- "My Favorite Season" picture frame (added 5/8/14)

For additional worksheets, differentiated and extended activities, click the "Complete File" link below.


COMPLETE FILE HERE: (Seasons Sort: Science Centers

1) Please note: This file is NOT solely weather-related; it includes holidays, celebrations and seasonal activities specific to certain geographical locations. Use teacher discretion when teaching.

2) For those students who find it difficult to sort 4 seasons at a time, the complete "Seasons" file contains differentiated worksheets with "two seasons" organizers (winter/summer and spring/fall).



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