Thursday, June 26, 2014

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “Wild, Wild West Careers: Frontiersman; Davy Crockett and the Alamo”

by Sarah Peterson
3rd - 6th Grade

Wild, Wild West Careers: Frontiersman
Davy Crockett; The Alamo

This lesson is one in a series of 14 lessons on Wild, Wild West Careers. Each of the lessons covers the careers and information about the era as it relates to the career. The series will cover the United States during the 1800s, including events that contributed to Western Expansion. Each lesson can also be used individually. 

In the early part of the 1800s, land west of the Mississippi River was complete wilderness. This land consisted of rivers, mountains, forests and prairies and was occupied by Native Americans and wild animals. The frontier was the name given to the wild and unfamiliar land that lay west of civilized America. A frontiersman was a man who hunted, trapped, and traded on the frontier. Many lived isolated lives, traversing the land, following rivers, and climbing mountains in search of beavers, raccoons, and bears - any animal whose fur could be sold. 

Discussion: The Frontier, Frontiersmen and Pioneers
Activity: Job Application: Frontiersman
Discussion: Davy Crockett – Frontiersman
Activity: Black Bear Safety
Discussion: Texas Independence from Mexico
Activity: Texas Declaration of Independence Group Activity
Primary Source Document: Texas Declaration of Independence
Discussion: The Alamo
Activity: Review Worksheet
Teacher’s Key for Review Worksheet
Review Game: Bingo
Sugar Cube Alamo Instructions, Patterns and Images
Frontiersman Coloring Page 
Suggested Books and Movies

All previous and future Wild, Wild West Careers will have the same basic format. 

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