Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tissue Printing, Etc...Bundled Lesson Plan with Four Projects

Classroom/Visual Arts/Science working together

by Art  Action - Laurie Carpenter 

Grades 1-6 (easily adapted)

PROJECT OVERVIEW-PURPOSE: To provide the elementary student
with a unique printing experience. In Step #1, it is almost like a scientific experiment as they watch the color transfer from one paper to another. This process is so much fun to do!

The exciting and somewhat messy first step is then followed by group discussion, research, and interaction, AND THE EXCITEMENT OF DISCOVERY!

*When the project is dry, 3 QUIET independent seat work options are presented
to the children, to be completed as 3 additional projects in the days that follow, in the classroom or art room.

Co-ordination of art room with classroom, as the three follow-up  projects can be used
as classroom seat work.

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