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LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - "Reeling in Readers With Magnetizing Hooks"

By - Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

"Reeling in Readers With Magnetizing Hooks"
Students must learn to reel in readers with alluring hooks that grab the readers' interest.  In this FREEBIE activity,  Reel in Readers With Magnetizing Hooks, teachers prepare mini-lessons on creating this most important writing element.

In my blog:  I detail ideas for how, when and why teachers should offer mini-lessons on writing alluring hooks. Types of Hooks and Choosing the Right Words - both with explanations and examples - are two of the topics that I address.

Reeling in Readers With Magnetizing Hooks"
Five Types of Hooks
·         Anecdote
·         Description of person, place or object
·         Example
·         Stance on an issue
·         Startling fact or statement
·         Question

Choosing the Right Words
·         Strong concrete nouns and adjectives: help create clear mental pictures. They destroy
haziness, erase questions, and incite emotional responses. The use of sensory imagery
(sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) lures readers. Every sentence should contain at
least one sensory imagery appeal.
·         Vivid verbs: Verbs are the backbone of writing. Without vivid verbs, writers’ words will
collapse. Verbs MUST combine the subject’s action plus his/her emotion while performing
this action.

Reeling in Readers With Magnetizing Hooks"
Mini-Lesson Ideas
A. Warm-ups – Three lesson ideas
B. Write Now Moments – Two lesson ideas

This activity is an engaging way to lure students into wanting to write and to keep them writing. Download this FREE product from

Isn't it time for a Write Now Moment in your classroom? 

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