Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Sale - August 20, 2014


 TpT is having a SALE!!    

Visit my store for math resources for 3rd grade and above and save 28% when you enter the Promo Code: BOOST.

Check out these resources and get them at great prices!

3rd Grade Math - Multiplication/Division, Fractions, Area, 2-D Shapes  

4th Grade Math - Multiplication/Division, Fractions,    2-D Shapes, Symmetry

5th Grade Math - Fractions, Whole Numbers and Decimals, Volume

The three resources above are on the critical areas for math as described in the Common Core State Standards.

The three resources below are board games on the common core domains. Each bundle has five board games, one game for each common core domain. This is a GREAT time to purchase the five games for a GREAT price!

Math Board Games Bundle - 6th Grade - (6.RP) (6.NS) (6.EE) (6.G) (6.SP)

Math Board Games Bundle 7th Grade - (7.RP, 7.NS, 7.EE, 7.G, 7.SP)

Math Board Games Bundle - 8th Grade (8.NS, 8.EE, 8.F, 8.G, 8.SP)

Happy Shopping!!


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