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SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "Ancient Egypt Webquest and Journal (2 Lesson Plans)"

Ancient Egypt Webquest and Journal (2 Lesson Plans)Click HERE to purchase!

Grades 4-9

Total Pages 9
Answer Key Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration 1 hour

This is a bundle of two great lesson plans on Ancient Egypt. The first lesson plan is a great webquest on Ancient Egypt from the following website:

The same website is used for the second lesson plan. Students will take notes on Ancient Egypt while pretending to be a Mesopotamian merchant. Students will write a five paragraph essay about Ancient Egypt. This is a great bundle, please check out my other lesson plans and read what other teachers have said about them.

Lesson 1

This webquest on Ancient Egypt has 30 questions. An answer sheet is included for the teacher. Students will answer questions from the following great website.

Depending on the grade level, this activity will take one to two class periods. This great activity can be used to introduce or further enhance your students' knowledge of people and history of Ancient Egypt.

Lesson 2

This activity is designed to allow students to write a five paragraph essay about Ancient Egypt in a fun and creative way. Students will use the following website to gather information about Ancient Egypt.

This website is very student friendly. The student handout will guide students through the five paragraph essay format. Each paragraph will focus on a different topic such as:

Nile River
Pyramids and Buildings 
Government and Writing
Daily Life

The assignment uses creative writing by allowing the students to take the role of a Mesopotamian merchant writing a report for King Hammurabi. A grading rubric is included for the teacher.

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