Friday, August 29, 2014

Math Lessons - "6th Grade Math - Expressions and Equations Bundle - CCSS 6.EE.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9"

by Hilda Ratliff
6th Grade
I have bundled all of my resources related to the 6th grade Common Core Domain Expressions and Equations. This resource will save you time as there are notes and guided examples that will allow you to introduce concepts. The students will be engaged as they supply missing parts in the examples.

                                                            Click here to preview.
The following topics are included in this bundle
  • Write and evaluate numerical expressions with exponents.
  • Write and evaluate expressions involving variables.
  • Identify parts of an expression.
  • Identify and generate equivalent expressions.
  • Identify solutions of an inequality.
  • Solve equations.
  • Graph solutions of an inequality on a number line.
  • Use graphs, tables and equations to represent relationships of the dependent and independent variables.
This resource also includes group activities, a board game on exponents, and I Have, Who Has games. Click here for a second I Have, Who Has game.

Each individual resource is also sold separately. The most popular resource in this bundle is 6.EE.9 which involves dependent and independent variables and their representations in tables, graphs and equations.  Click here to preview 6.EE.9.

These resources may be used for review or intervention. Take a look at the previews. I think you will want to add these to your materials.

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