Friday, August 22, 2014

Looking for an Inquiry-Based culminating task?

Grant Proposal

Students are always working at a different pace from each other and as an educator, you want to make sure that you are providing an opportunity for those who move at a faster rate to explore and learn as they can.  This is especially true if you want to provide your kids with a project that can be as in-depth and complicated as they can handle and yet, is geared to their interests.  If you are teaching high school science and you want a culminating task that is flexible enough for any grade level or course and is instilled with flare, excitement and charisma, take a look at my Grant Proposal. ****** TpT Feedback - "What a creative idea! I love the rubric too!" "I look forward to adapting this for my middle school classes. The rubric is very thorough!" "A very useful resource especially using the guidance from the rubric." "Very informative; I especially like the rubric." ****** Originally it was designed for a grade 10 science classroom but it can be easily altered to fit any subject and/or course. One member commented that she will be using it in her History Class. It's also great for cross-curricular work as it can easily be connected to a business course through it's marketing and presentation aspects. It comes with a full project outline including a checklist of important items, a detailed rubric and exemplars upon request. A free sample as well as the complete version of this assignment can be downloaded HERE: Grant Proposal ImageIf you want to spice things up, take a look at my Grant Proposal. It allows the students to be innovative, creative, artistic, scientific and passionate. It teaches and instills the scientific method and makes it FUN, REALISTIC, AND APPLICABLE. It brings in abilities from across the board and the students REALLY get into it! What you end up with his a group of students who have thoroughly researched their topic and created a proposal which they "pitch" to the board members who they hope will give them the funding they need. Similar to a Dragons Den/Shark Tank idea but with a science twist.  A free sample as well as the complete version of this assignment can be downloaded HERE:

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