Thursday, August 7, 2014

Learning Geometry Using Number Tiles

Geometric Math-A-Magical Puzzles
I just posted my newest product for Teachers Pay Teachers entitled: Geometric Math-A-Magical Puzzles. It is a 48 page handout of puzzles that are solved like magic squares. Number tiles are positioned so that the total of the tiles on each line of the geometric shape add up to be the same sum.  Most of the geometric puzzles have more than one answer; so, students are challenged to find a variety of solutions.

Before each set of activities, the geometry vocabulary used for that group of activities is listed. Most definitions include diagrams and/or illustrations. In this way, the students can learn and understand new math words without difficulty or cumbersome words.  

Since the students do not write in the book, the pages can be copied and laminated so that they can be used from year to year. These activities may be placed at a table for math practice. Allow the students to choose one of the math-a-magical puzzle pages to do as seatwork, to complete at a math center, or to finish when their work is done.

These activities vary in levels of difficulty. Because the pages are not arranged in any particular order, the students are free to skip around in the book.Check it out!

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