Thursday, July 21, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Phonics Segmenting Flashcards / Short "A" (RF.K.2d)”

by KB3Teach
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Segmenting Flashcards: Need a quick and easy way to teach students how to segment and blend words? Help your students meet some of the foundational reading and decoding standards with these Phonics Segmenting Cards.

Teach the alphabet and sounds in context. Students learn three sounds and they know a word!

INSTRUCTIONS: Print on card stock; cut on dotted lines to make flashcards.

Includes 7 Word Families (an, at, ad, ap, ag, am, ab)

Step 1: Students learn the sounds for each letter using pre-assigned graphics.
Example: m / a / t (mouse / apple / turtle)

Step 2: Students tap out the sounds using letter/ sound correspondence.
(left shoulder, head, right shoulder)

Step 3: Students blend individual phonemes into words.
Example: c / a / t = CAT

Step 4: Students learn to identify the sounds by position.
What sound is in the middle of b / a / g?

Step 5: Students select 3-5 words and draw and label pictures or write sentences, using selected words in context.

1) Peer Tutors: Students "teach and test."
2) Send cards home for additional practice.
3) Students cut/paste pictures to match selected words.
4) Timed Contest: Students match pictures with CVC flashcards.
5) Use segmenting cards on your word wall; reinforce segmenting and blending skills during everyday use of the words.
6) ELL vocabulary reinforcement; draw, act out, match pictures to words.

"Love the CVC cards; great idea not using the picture of the word! That way you make sure the students are learning to READ instead of just reading the picture!" -- MRA

CVC Segmenting Flashcards
* Includes complete set of B/W printables.

*All pictures, fonts and graphics used with permission from the original copyright holders.*

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