Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Learn Like a Superhero!

{A Free 1st & 2nd Grade Motivational Resource}

This back to school free resource will help prepare your little superheroes for learning. 

It contains the following back to school activities. 

Leaping Tall Buildings is a goal setting resource. According to research, students are more successful when they have goals for their learning. This page can be used all year long. Students state their goal and then work from the bottom of the page to the top in order to "leap over their tall building".

Super Mistakes is a miniature book to help students realize that mistakes help us learn. Students use this activity to focus on how mistakes can lead to a positive learning experience. 

Grit, Goal, and Optimism are vocabulary pages. They are meant to teach these three words deeply in order to help them become a part of the class culture. The first time I use one of these activities, I like to complete the vocabulary page with my students. I also love to model technology, so I show my students how to use an online dictionary or thesaurus.

At First Grade Diva, I will save you time by providing creative, rigorous, and engaging lessons that you will be excited to teach. 

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