Friday, July 22, 2016

It's all about growth mindset!

It's all about growth mindset!

Growth Mindset bundle

Why teach growth mindset? Kids who believe they can do better, do better! They need to see the brain as malleable and growing!  We don't want our kids just giving up! We need to foster that growth mindset environment in our classrooms from day 1!

This bundle contains:
Research p. 3
Quick pre-assessment- pick a side p. 5
Read aloud possibilities p. 6
The Most Magnificent Thing p. 7
Neuroplasticity p. 8
Activity: Your Brain! P. 9
Activity: Let’s make a neuron! P. 10
Moving from Fixed Mindsets to Growth Mindsets p. 11
Successful People and Their Struggles p. 12
For the teacher: Moving from Person Praise to Process Praise p. 14
Change Your Mindset posters- 11 separate png’s

I've found these lessons to be the most successful with my kids. I hope you find them useful too!

Start your year off right!

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