Sunday, January 28, 2018

Chinese New Year Activity Kit

Grades 3-8
Kathy Babineau

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your students while addressing comprehension, vocabulary, cultural discussions, figurative language and writing. Included in this set are Chinese fortune cookie proverbs to discuss and analyze (in color and black and white cards as well as in writing prompt format), a Chinese zodiac mini poster and writing activity, Chinese New Year vocabulary and a fun "Red Envelope" craftivity.

Page 3: Reading passage about Chinese New Year with comprehension questions
Page 4: Reading passage “The Legend of Chinese New Year” with comprehension questions
Page 5: Reading passage: “Celebrating Chinese New Year” with comprehension questions
Page 6: Reading passage: “Fortune Cookies” with comprehension questions
Pages 7-12: Fortune Cookie Sayings/Proverbs with color clip art and also in b/w
Pages 13-30: Fortune Cookie Sayings/Proverbs Writing Papers
Pages 31-34: Red Envelope and Coins craftivity (with color and b/w templates, model and directions)
Pages 35-36: Chinese Zodiac Animals poster and Writing Paper
Pages 37-39: Picture Vocabulary cards relating to Chinese New Year (18 cards with color clip art)
Page 40: Ideas for using the Picture Vocabulary cards
Page 41: answer key for comprehension questions
Page 42: Credits

Kathy Babineau MS, CCC-SLP

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