Sunday, January 21, 2018

Musical Math Review Game - Instant Engagement

By: Third Grade Triumph
Grades 3-4

Are you looking for a fun way to engage your students in math review? Then look no further! This product allows students to review essential third grade addition and subtraction skills in an interactive and engaging way. They will have so much fun. The game requires minimal prep. This comes with a recording sheet or you can have your students record their answers on a whiteboard or communicator. Whatever works for you! This is perfect for 3rd graders, but can be used to enrich second graders or help struggling 4th graders. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. 

This is part of a growing bundle. I've already added multiplication, division, area, perimeter, and more are coming soon! Check it out! 

There is also a growing bundle with several different skills included. So far, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, rounding, telling time, and area and perimeter are available for download. More to come soon! 

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