Wednesday, January 10, 2018

💜Martin Luther King Word Wall Cards💜

💜Hello everyone.
Get your students ready to celebrate Martin Luther King with this engaging MLK Martin Luther King word wall from Fun To Teach.  This Packet includes 50 word wall cards, 3 alphabet headers, and an assortment of activities you can use with your students. 

As teachers we know that word walls provide a systematic visual organizer that aides children in seeing and remembering connections between words and the characteristics that help them form categories and schemas to remember how to use them.
🚀Support student writing by using this MLK word wall as an organized group of large print words posted on your bulletin board or wall in your classroom. Word walls draw attention to the words you are teaching and are used in whole class or small group activities.  So easy, just copy, cut and post.
The phrases and words that I included in this packet are:, America, assassinated, black, bigotry, boycott, change, civil rights, courage, demonstration, dream, Dr. King, equality, fairness, free, freedom, great, hatred, history, holiday, honor, human rights, I have a dream, inequity, intolerance, jail, January 15, justice, King, leader, march, memorial, minister, murdered, Nobel peace prize, nonviolent, organize, peace, peaceful, prejudice, race, racism, rights, Rosa Parks, segregation, slavery, speech, struggle, tolerance, unfairness, and vote.

🎆A word wall is most effective when it becomes an interactive part of the classroom.  With that in mind I added some fun and engaging games and activities to this packet.  One of my favorites is called - Slap It!  Here are the guidelines for this game…you can play it with any vocabulary theme!  Simple, fun and effective!
Slap It! .............
🙏🏿Slap It! is a fun game you can play with children that will help them associate and reinforce MLK Word Wall

Play in groups of 2 or 3.
Have word wall cards for each group.

Lay the cards face up on the table so that each player can reach them. Players sit with their hands on their head. Call out the word. The first to slap the vocabulary word gets to keep it.

If a player slaps the wrong card, they must sit out the next round.

The winner😜 is the person to collect the most cards.

 This is a great Martin Luther King packet to use as a vocabulary graphic organizer with your students. Just copy onto colored paper and cut and you have your word wall ready to go!
‼️Remember that graphic organizers help students develop higher level thinking skills and promote creativity. They are handy tools for classroom use that guide students through the process of organizing information. Graphic organizers make logic out of language and help students summarize and interpret text. Graphic Organizers are excellent tools that promote high-level active thinking in the classroom.
•Reading Comprehension •Math
•Social Studies •Science
•Conflict Resolution


Graphic organizers make content area information more accessible to second language learners. Graphic/visual organizers can change complex language into language that is comprehensible. These are perfect visual tools that help ELs and all students understand and organize information.

So what are you waiting for⁉️⁉️  Jump on over to Teachers Pay Teachers (click here) and check out this super MLK package…it needs to be in your toolbox today!

Happy Teaching!
Fun To Teach

Happy Teaching! Lori

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