Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year from Fun To Teach!

Happy New year!
2018 is finally here~

ARe you ready for a freebie for the new year!   Here it is!

the help you need when you have a new ESL student that does not speak English! This free sampler unit will give you examples of the hands on, engaging ESL activities included in our ESL Newcomers Units

This free ESL 34-page English Language Learner pack demonstrates the lessons and activities in our ESL Newcomer Units that cover early English language acquisition and literacy skills in students at the beginning or early intermediate stages of English.

Try this sampler packet with your ESL Newcomer. Lesson plans are provided to assure your English language student (ELL) is engaged and learning from the very first day!
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ESL Newcomer Pack Unit 1 includes the following lessons to acquaint you with our ESL Newcomer units. This freebie includes lessons and activities for: Basic phrases
Basic vocabulary
Vowels 1 is designed to provide an understanding of basic English phrases and vocabulary and basic foundational skills in vowel sound recognition and writing for students who are unfamiliar with the English alphabet. Students will also learn some everyday vocabulary associated with each letter of the alphabet. Check out all our ESL Newcomer units that build English skills at the beginning or early intermediate level of English

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You get lesson plans, activities and black lines for:
•sentence Flip Books for the basic phrases -beginning sentence construction/respond to questions
• word wall cards for basic vocabulary
• sentence starters for basic phrases
• flap fun books for 4 colors and basic vocabulary
•vowels with pictures (color and B&W)

Please note that some pages are in color only, but print fine as black and white!

Rest assured that your ESL Newcomer is learning English from the very first day, building a strong language base with engaging and explicit language instruction!

Have fun

!Click Here for your freebie!

You can find all of my resources for English Language Learners that provide engaging, independent practice for your newcomer or beginner level ESL, older ELLs or adults.

Combine this with my
ESL Newcomer Pack Unit 2
ESL Newcomer Sentence Starters

 Happy New Year
Happy Teaching!
Lori at Fun To Teach!

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