Friday, February 16, 2018

FREE 5-E Model Lesson Planning Tool

Want to know more about the components of a 5-E model lesson plan? 

One of the best ways I have found to teach a good math lesson is through the use of the 5-E model. I love the 5-E model because it allows the students to explore and discover the content on their own before I provide additional information and strategies.

The 5-E model also allows me to facilitate the lesson through questioning and assess the students' understanding throughout the lesson through my observations. While I regularly plan my lessons using this format, I have found it necessary to adapt the format to fit the needs of my students. With that in mind, I will add that this lesson format may take me more than one day to complete and I sometimes complete several explore and explain cycles before getting to the elaboration stage. It all depends on the students!

You can get a more detailed look at how I use the 5-E model lesson with my free lesson plan template. It includes a description of each of the five Es and activity ideas that can be used to address each component. 
Click here or on the image above to grab a free copy of my 5-E model lesson plan template. 

Want to know more? 
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