Tuesday, February 27, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Non-Fiction Close Reads + Graphic Organizers - Fluency & Comprehension - PREVIEW”

by Ainsley Karl
1st - 3rd Grade

Strengthen comprehension through close reading! 

This is a FREE preview of my Spring Non-Fiction Passages found here

Close reading requires students to dig deeper into a text. It is becoming increasingly popular due to districts adopting the Common Core State Standards. These non-fiction passages are designed to help you implement close reads in your classroom. 

Encourage (or require!) your students to read these multiple times. 

Students will:
‣ read the story (half-page stories to save paper and ink)
‣ circle tricky words and define 1 tricky word by using context clues 
‣ answer comprehension questions, finding evidence in the text 
‣ summarize what you learned 

3 Graphic Organizers for each story 
‣ (Visualizing) "What I saw when I read ___" - 2 sentences given, draw a picture for each
‣ (Vocab) "Expert Words from ____" - Students pick a word, write what you think it means, look it up in the dictionary. 
‣ (Main Idea) "My notes about ____" - Write the main idea and 4 details from the text that support it. 

Passages in the paid file
● Monarch Butterflies
● Hatching Chicks
● Growing a Garden
● Hummingbirds
● Four-Leaf Clovers
● The Sun
● Honey Bees
● The American Robin
● Land Snails
● Recycling
● Ants
● Sunflowers
● Kites

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