Thursday, February 1, 2018

President's Day Word Wall Cards
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 Check out this great - President's Day Words {50 words}

 Included in this President’s Day Word Wall packet: This word wall contains 41 words and pictures related to President’s Day. Use these to teach President’s Day vocabulary, during reading centers, use in wall charts or posted on the wall.

 This 44-page vocabulary President’s Day Word Wall package includes 50 President’s Day Word Wall cards, alphabet headers and activities. These word cards are great for a theme wall, flashcards to send home or use as a matching game. Spice-up your President’s Day with this great word wall packet.
Words included in this packet are: Abraham Lincoln America American battles Bill of Rights birthday capital celebrate cherry tree congress Constitution courage courageous democracy District of Columbia elected election executive branch false teeth February flag freedom general George Washington government history holiday honest Illinois leader log cabin Martha liberty Mary military oval office parade president President's Day revolution statue United States USA US Presidents Vice president Virginia vote war Washington, D.C. White House

Vocabulary games and activities included in this set:
Word Wall Bean Bag Toss
Slap It!
Chant the Wall
This is a great vocabulary graphic organizer to use with your students. Just copy onto colored paper and cut and you have your word wall ready to go!

A vocabulary word wall is an organized group of large print words posted on a bulletin board or wall in your classroom. Word walls draw attention to the words you are teaching and are used in whole class or small group activities. Word walls provide a systematic visual vocabulary organizer that aides children in seeing and remembering connections between words and the characteristics that help them form categories and schemas to remember how to use them.

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