Saturday, February 3, 2018

đŸ’•Valentine's Day Resources from Fun To TeachđŸ’•

Hello Everyone!

Love is in the air and we have some great resources for you to use during this happy time of year!
đŸ’•Valentine's Day Resources from Fun To TeachđŸ’• out this 2 lovely products and give some heart to your teaching this February!

This 14-page vocabulary package includes 20 Valentine Verb Word Wall cards, teacher's guide and ideas.

Words included in this packet are:
adored, admired, beloved, charmed, cherished, devoted, embraced, enamored, flirted, gifted, greeted, hugged, infatuated, kissed, liked, loved, romanced, smitten, wooed, and yearned.

Vocabulary games and activities included in this set:
Word Wall
Bean Bag Toss It!
Chant the Wall

This is a great Valentine vocabulary graphic organizer to use with your students. Just copy onto colored paper and cut and you have your Valentine Verb word wall ready to go!
A vocabulary word wall is an organized group of large print words posted on a bulletin board or wall in your classroom. Word walls draw attention to the words you are teaching and are used in whole class or small group activities.

Word walls provide a systematic visual vocabulary organizer that aides children in seeing and remembering connections between words and the characteristics that help them form categories and schemas to remember how to use them.

Click here for the Valentine Word Wall Packet!

Freebie Time! Number Flipbook 0-19

Valentine Kindergarten Number Flipbook 0-19

This 10-page kinder math counting number flipbook pack contains a Valentine interactive number flipbooks for students to create. These are engaging kindergarten Valentine counting math books to make as a math center activity, or as an extension to your math lesson.

Get your students counting with this great math number flipbook. Students simply color, cut and assemble. Watch your young learners take off counting.

Kindergarten Valentine Number Flipbook 0-19 can be used during guided math as openers, small group time and math work stations or centers. The topics covered are number identification and counting.

Counting & Cardinality
Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence (instead of having to begin at 1).
Click here for the Valentine Number Flipbook 0-19
Compare two numbers between 1 and 10 presented as written numerals.

How to use this book:
• Print on cardstock.
• Cut at the dotted line to separate the base of the flipbook from the picture pages.
• Cut around each rectangle picture box.
• Arrange the number cards one on top of the other and staple or bind the top of all pages to the flipbook base.

This is an engaging way for students to practice their numbers and share their knowledge with family and friends.

Click here for the Valentine Number Flipbook 0-19

Happy Teaching!
Lori at Fun To Teach!

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