Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Language Arts - "National Library Week"

by Kathryn Garcia

How does your school celebrate National Library Week?  
This year it will be the week of April 12-18.  If your school takes this time to appreciate your librarian/media specialist, maybe your grade levels might want to 'gift' the librarian with a useful tool for the library that will benefit all of your students as well.  My absolutely most useful tool during my 20 years as a librarian was a call number guide that I first printed out on a ditto machine.  Anybody else remember those?  In later years I was able to convert it to a digital document, and now offer it in my Made For Learning store.  It is my BEST SELLER.

Your librarian would hold the license and then could print and laminate as many copies as she needs, as often as she wants.  I kept boxes of these guides all around the library for students (and teachers) to grab for quick reference.  $3.00 well spent!

Another idea would be to add this genre guide to print on the reverse side of the call number guide.  Then students would have a handy guide for all they might need, saving them time and giving them independence.

These guides can be purchased separately or as a BUNDLE by following these links.
Thanks for taking a look!

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